Hello all!

I'm Andrew, also known as Ducksoup. I've seen some drama coming out of this wikia recently, and I'd like to clear the air publicly.

I want to be completely forthright with you: everyone's made some poor decisions here. If you read this and think "ha, he took our side!" then you've read me wrong. And I should also add that I am a huge Polandball fan. I'm an approved submitter of Polandball comics over at [competing website] and I find them generally hilarious.

I was first alerted to problems here when I found out that some enterprising users here had traced an accidentally-anonymous comment's IP address in an attempt to dox a user here. That is very uncool and breaks Wikia's Terms of Use. The only reason I didn't permanently block some users here Wikia-wide for that is because I was in a good mood that day.

Then I found out that the reason they'd done so is because of bad blood between bureaucrats, admins, and users. This makes the wiki unpleasant. Namecalling, condescension, and being mean to each other is no fun.

And that's what this comes down to - everyone wants to have fun here. Polandball is funny! Y'all are cool people!

Let's move past the drama and go back to the funny. No more blocks, no more doxxing, no more flamewars. I'm happy to help where I can, and please leave your questions in the comments below.

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