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Since the policy changes in the Polandball Wikia Users Wikia, you cannot change any information unless you are Blocked IP, or an Admin of this wiki.

To get permission to edit this page, you should ask Blocked IP to edit this page.
If you are caught editing without permission, you will be blocked from this Wiki, until you say sorry to Blocked IP for editing his or her page.
please read this thread before you do anything.

Blocked IP is a Terran user of the wiki. He usually created images for pages that don't have images.

Most of the images from the Polandball Wiki are created by Blocked IP. Despite the tons of images he created, he only ranks 20st on the wiki with 640 points. On Polandball World War he is with Allies.

On December 1st, the account is completely closed.

The Unknown Nationality

Blocked IP continues to hide his nationality despite everyone asking what it is.

He says that he lives in one of the countries in Western Europe, and he also says he his not a stinky Dutchmen.

There were some theories, about his nationality.

A theory by Piscesall and BainTheCool says, he is from Spain because of him using a lot of Spanish. He claims that it isnt his nationality bu from here we can proove that he can speak spanish and made the Blocked IP account to protest to the Spanish Polandball wiki.


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